Gorillas Essay – Gorilla Interesting Facts

Gorillas Essay – Gorilla Interesting Facts

After the bonobos, chimpanzees, and monkeys, gorillas essay is fun to be written and contains a lot of interesting facts. These living things are said to be the close relatives of humans and possess various characteristics that make them unique and better than other species of animals. It’s safe to say that gorillas have always fascinated both children and adults, and they are seen in a large number in zoos and forests. Experts indicate that gorillas’ DNAs and RNAs are similar to that of humans as they have been derived from the one common ancestor. Despite the fact that the gorilla population is declining with the passage of time, some of the interesting facts about these creatures are mentioned below.

They are endangered

An endangered species is the only that is likely to vanish from the face of the Earth in a couple of years or decades. Unfortunately, different human activities such as deforestation and others have contributed to their extreme decline. In some parts of the world, they have become extinct and more than 100 species of gorillas are said to have vanished already. Both mountain and river gorillas are believed to be at the target and may get disappeared if measures are not taken to protect their species.

Only a few gorilla species are alive

It is widely said that only two to three species of gorillas are present in all parts of the world. The primates are many in number, and orangutans and chimpanzees are among the most prominent primates. In case of the gorillas, only the western gorillas and the eastern gorillas have survived so far. Both of them have their own subspecies. For instance, the mountain gorillas and the eastern lowland gorillas are considered the subspecies of the eastern gorillas. Similarly, the western gorillas have subspecies named as the lowland gorillas and the cross river gorillas. All of them live in the United States, Africa, and other parts of the world. The approximate population of gorillas is 2.2 million, and they have been around for over 5 million years ago.

Gorillas are stronger and better than humans

When it comes to order custom writing gorilla facts, we should not forget that they are many times better and stronger than that of human beings. Experts have indicated that the skeletons of gorillas are better able to hold heavy weights. It means an adult male gorilla can tolerate up to 210 kilograms of weight and the adult female gorilla usually weighs 95 kilograms. In contrast, the human being won’t be able to carry this much weight, which means gorillas are better able to carry heavyweights from one area to another without any major issue or problem. The skeleton of a gorilla combines their upper and lower body muscles which them a lot more strength and flexibility than that of a human being.

Gorillas are loving and friendly

It is absolutely true that most of the gorillas are loving, friendly, caring and cooperative. When properly trained, they tend to entertain humans in one way or the other. You must have observed that the gorillas kept in zoos look friendly and keep a smile on their face. It is just because they are taught to do so by their masters. However, that does not mean gorillas do not get angry or sad. Experts reveal that they get emotional just like a human being and feel fear of losing their children and other family members.

Gorillas are identifiable from their noses

Have you ever tried to identify the difference between the noses and wrinkles of two gorillas? Some scientists claim that it is possible to identify and distinguish two gorillas based on their nose-prints or wrinkles. Plus, the marks and spots on their skin are likely to be different from one another, which enable the viewer to identify the name of the species and get to know its characteristics to an extent.

They got flexible bodies

It is said that the bodies of gorillas are far more flexible and better shaped than other social animals. They are capable of moving themselves from one part to another without any health problem or weight issue.

They use slangs

The communication among different gorillas is said to be done through slangs. Nature has developed them in a way that they can combine their vocalization with varying movements of body and tend to deliver their messages in a unique way. Such gorillas can be found in different zoos, and you can easily observe how they interact and communicate with each other. If you prove yourself to be one of their best friends, then the chance is that gorillas will talk to you in their unique language – which is the combination of body movements and eyeball movements. Experts indicate that they have learned this language from their ancestors, but when we try to find such patterns in humans, we do not find any trace of the human using his or her body in this way to speak to someone around him or her.

They eat a lot of food every day

Do you know that an adult gorilla can eat up to 50 pounds of food every day? If you have been asked to write an essay on the gorilla, then you must mention this fact in that essay in order to impress your teacher regarding your extensive knowledge and grip over the subject. Being herbivores, the gorillas are able to eat different insects and plants and consume up to 22 kilograms per day. It clearly indicates that an adult gorilla will easily eat 20 to 22 kilograms of food, while the baby gorilla is likely to eat 10 to 12 kilograms of food. The primary sources of their food are insects, the flesh of tiny animals and of course, tree leaves, dead plants, and some soft bushes. Occasionally, they eat barks, fresh fruits and stems as well depending on the food that is made available to them naturally or by human beings supervising them in the zoos or forests.

They live in groups

It should be noticed that gorillas love living in groups and dislike isolation. Whether they are naughty baby gorillas or the adult ones, they will never want to leave their groups and tend to stay close to each other for a lifetime. This property makes gorillas look like humans since human beings also live in groups and close to their families. It proves that gorillas have strong bonding and association with their group and family members.

They are not territorial

Do you know that gorillas are not at all territorial? The misconception is that they are violent and can harm human beings especially children but it is not so. In fact, they are as friendly and loving with humans as with their own group members. However, in some situations, they may get violent. So you should stop thinking them weird monsters that are meant to harm human beings because there is nothing like that.

After getting an idea of how gorillas live their lives, it will now be easy for you to write an essay on these friendly creatures. If you still have a problem with such an essay, then you do not need to worry since it is easy to contact us and outsource the gorilla essay to CustomEssayOrder.