Professor Godzilla

Have you heard that Godzilla goes to college? Did you read any of the Godzilla books? Hendrix College is situated outside the Little Rock, Ark. A person who went there is William Tsutsui, who has studied at Harvard and Oxford, and he is a highly qualified economist. He is best known for his expertise, and the nickname is Professor Godzilla.

He first heard of an infamous roar of a radioactive monster lizard, and at that time, he was eight years old. He lived in a small college town based in Texas. In 1972, at the age of nine, William Tsutsui was entertained by her mother on Halloween. Unlike various Americans and Japanese, he had an experience of living in an area where a large number of Asian Americans were present. He once told that he had to spend a much part of his life in Hawaii, where he had to live alone for many months.

You may have read in Godzilla children’s book that he was the only child of his parents, and he had an Anglo mother and a Japanese father. Besides his family, there were only a few Asian American families in the area of Bryan. Suddenly, things changed in his life; once he was lying on the carpet in the bedroom and was enjoying his favorite television show. He was having fun watching a Japanese monster on television and thought that it was good to be there for hours. He wanted to wrestle with a friend in a similar way and was amazed at the monsters’ fight and play. Later on, he decided to write a book on lizard or Godzilla, which he later named as Godzilla on My Mind.