How to stay employed

How to stay employed

It is evident that life is uncertain, particularly in the job market, where the uncertainty of losing one’s job is always alive. Restructuring, downsizing, and mergers are typical in companies, and their occurrence forces companies to fire numerous employees, even the best performers. Such scenarios leave approximately one in every two employees feeling unsure about their future in their current employment. According to the 24-hour resume writing service called “ResumeThatWork”, maintaining your work goes beyond doing a good job. To stay employed, these are the tips to observe.

Put a spotlight on accomplishments

Your value in an organization or the job market increases if you can highlight tangible accomplishments that you have achieved over the years, directly or indirectly. An employee achieves this by making profits, saving the organization money, or coming up with new development. Strive to make such accomplishments, and you will have your job for a long time.

Volunteer for tasks

If you want to remain in your job, always be the first individual to say yes to new assignments, projects or to be a member of a committee especially when you are sure you will bring about real accomplishments. Volunteering helps your boss see you as a dependable employee who deserves to remain with the organization.

Be valuable to your boss

            Ensure you have an idea of what is most important to your employer, and how you can help them achieve it. Becoming the person the boss turns to makes you an invaluable employee who can never face dismissal.

Increase your expertise through online training

Keeping your skills up to date with the changing times and changes in your field makes it easy for you to keep your job. Employee training has become a significant ground by which employers value their employees as not only do you show your commitment to your occupation, you also demonstrate that you love what you do. Hence, enroll in different websites for online programs and learn various skills that increase your knowledge and get a certification, which will boost your resume.

Focus on your work

Ensure that your attention is not divided among different projects and instead, focus on one or two projects at a go. Being spread too thin makes you lose concentration as you are always worried about the other projects. Also, it makes it impossible for you to achieve tangible achievements as you are all over the place. However, when you concentrate on one project at a time, you devote all your time, attention, and energy into succeeding in the project, thus, bringing about success.

Become a valuable employee instead of a readily available commodity

Companies hire more than one individual for a particular position. For instance, a company may have about four accountants. With such numbers, when it comes to laying off, you are likely to lose your job as you are easily replaceable. To avoid such as fate, acquire unique skills, expertise, essential clients or wealth of knowledge that sets you apart from other employees with similar qualifications, which makes you indispensable.

Despite it not being your fault, today or tomorrow might be the last day of your employment. To avoid being unprepared for such a situation, evaluate your skills and performance in your job, and utilize these tips to make yourself an invaluable employee for years to come.