Scientific Conference of Godzilla 2004

In the U.S., a scientific conference on the cultural heritage of Godzilla

October 28 in Kansas began a scientific conference on the cultural influence of films about Godzilla. It is timed to the 50th anniversary of the release of the first movies about a giant lizard. The organizers of the conference call meeting of international and interdisciplinary: its will be attended by cultural experts, anthropologists, historians and film scholars from around the world.
The Conference was called “In the wake of Godzilla: The icons of Japanese pop culture on the world stage.” It is expected that participants will discuss the challenges of globalization and the spread of Japanese culture on the material of the movie. The program provides a meeting showing the first film about Godzilla, filmed in 1954, as well as exhibitions and presentations. ‘

For half a century, the Japanese studio Toho shot 27 films about Godzilla. Another band called “Godzilla: Last War,” due out in the rental in December 2004. After that, the filmmakers are going to make a break for at least ten years. Director of the new series was Ryuhey Kitamura.

Since 1954, the Godzilla movies watched by more than 100 million people. The Japanese giant lizard name is pronounced “Godzira” – it is a combination word “gorilla” and “whale.” In the first film, Godzilla is a result of mutations caused by nuclear tests.